This is Halloween !

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Wicked Underground, the time has come once again to proudly present another devastating installment in the 2010 edition of Menacide’s DEVILZ NITE series.

On behalf of all the artists on this years edition, I would like to thank every one of our fans across the globe, for your support over the past year, during this very difficult global economic crisis. And also on behalf of the fans as a fan myself, I would like to thank all the artists for the dope free music on this release.

A very huge thank you goes out to Menacide for building this series from the ground
up. Also, thanks go to the DN street team; The Devilz Advocates, as well as their direct support, Corey Trenton and HorrorcoreSupport.

We know who our true fans are, and we offer this to you. The labor of our efforts, the blood sweat and tears of our art form…



part 1:
part 2:

Or, for those of you that want the 1 big file... we got you covered.

1. Cyco (of Insane Poetry) - Bloodletting
2. Madd Maxxx - Violent Crimes With No Explanations
3. Saint Sinna and GrewSum - Altered Beasts
4. International Murderers – Lights Out
5. Crimson Bile – Eye to Eye
6. F.A.K. – Wach Auf
7. Dark Half – The Carver
8. KidCrusher – Without You
9. Likewize – No Singing at my Funeral (Esham cover)
10. F-Dux – Lonely Halloween
11. interlude
12. Epitaph – Eye of the Storm (ft Chop Devize and Web Three)
13. KGP – They Want it
14. Crossworm and Kannibalistik – Born Again
15. Komatose – Man in the Mirror
16. Rucka – Creep (ft Beast)
17. James G – The Escape
18. Monsta Squad – This Night
19. Tha Morgue – Every Halloween
20. Zero – I’m So Sick
21. Hades – Hobby of Mine
22. VECT – Our Day and Night (ft Bloodshot, Con-crete, Dark Preacha, and Syniister)
23. Outbreak Monkey – Please Help Me
24. B’Loco – You Aint KoooL (ft Madd Maxxx)
25. Psycho D of Kobolos – Midnight Stroll
26. Rick Dogg – Drunk on Halloween (ft Brew City Butchers, The DRP, and Maniax)

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have a great halloween !

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