Devilz Nite 2009

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It is that time. I'm not fantastic at speeches, so I will try to keep it simple.

Voila la netape de devilz Nite 2009 est sortie !

The wicked underground is an umbrella term, describing a community consisting of multiple sub genres of dark/wicked hardcore hip hop that currently evolve and operate outside of the mainstrem. (I'm from the Detroit area, so I grew up hearing the term wicked shit). Regardless of what we call our own personal style or taste, the most important thing is that we're a community. Devilz Nite shows how raw we can really be with our individual styles as a whole, in our most wicked season of the year.

This compilation was more work than I anticipated. I did a LOT of mixing and producing for this just to see some great work happen.

This scene is far from over with. Devilz Nite 2009 is proof of that, and it shows the progress we are going through. In order to expand and improve we have embraced much more than I think was originally anticiapted at the dawn of these styles. Instead of exclusion, we're choosing kinship. Our horizons are expanding and a more creative and entertaining scene is opening up with us.

Once again, we have done this for the fans, we have done this for eachother as artists, and we have done this for the positive and productive progression of the wicked underground community.

Here is the labor of our efforts......


01 Mad Insanity - Keep It Low (feat Lee Lee)
02 Heavy Hittaz - This is Horrorcore
03 GrewSum - Back 2 The Darkness
04 AkVoN - Blood Sacrifice
05 Blister - Collect
06 Intrinzik - All I Need
07 Bob E Nite - In My Room (feat GrewSum, Majik Duce)
08 Crimson Bile - Darkness
09 KidCrusher - Light The Night
10 Stitch Mouth - I Heart Zombie Chix
11 Monsta Squad - Creature Feature
12 Ikkurruz - Go n Play pt 2 (feat Mental Ward)
13 Trips - 8mm (feat Fetus, Likewize, Scum Fuck Chuck)
14 Cap N1ne - Dare You to Look
15 James G - I Think therefore I Am
16 iNFiNiTTi - 666 Steps to Hell
17 Trouble - My Revenge (feat Jesse James)
18 Razakel - Built to Kill
19 Dyad Souls - Under Veils of Pestilence
20 Epitaph - Deamons on Fire
21 Daz Cozmik - Halloween


Menacide - Without this cat, the compilation never would have happened and I dare say that the solidarity of many may not have been quite as strong. The stress from this year alone was intense. I can now say from experience that Menacide has clearly put in a great deal of work since 2003 to make this a dope event for everyone.

Every Artist that submitted - It was hard to cap the track list. Especially bumping out tracks I personally mixed and/or produced. Unfortunately it has to be done for the better of the comp, or else there is no creative competition to add to the excitement. All is not lost and it doesnt mean anything negative. It means that you have an opportunity to still give your free song to the fans among other positive things. I'm honored to have gotten a submission from every single one of you. That is a fact.

Tim Gates - He is the talented artist behind the hand painted cover art of Devilz Nite 2009. In my opinion the painting displays innocense and kinship enveloped in darkness. there was some decent artwork submitted, but to me this was PERFECT for our record and I approa,ched him with a request to use it and add our title to it. The image is copyright Tim Gates I believe he has done cover art before and is currently for hire.

Matt Molgaard aka Instant Legend - He has agreed to review this comp for Fangoria Magazine online, and that is a very dope spotlight and a nod to our achievements. Print media is currently our only mainstream outlet to expand with. Over the past couple of months the genre has been shit on and blamed for negative events because of our content. With the help of Matt and Fangoria we have the potential to broaden our fanbase, and this is a groundbreaking step that wasn't necessarily available before. Perhaps horror conventions may be the next move for the wicked genres.

The Devilz Advocates - I have no idea who you are. LOL ! I made the name up just now. but I know what the criteria is to be one of The Devilz Advocates.... at least 200 DN2K9 links personally sent out to individual wickedshit/horror fans. I myself plan on sending this link personally to at least 3000 fans. On my word. It will take me quite a few days but I will do it. I challenge anyone who loves this music to join me.

so in closing:


for all the official previous Devilz Nite releases, go to:

on a side note: if you're wondering where the crossworm or renigade tracks are on DN hit this thread:

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