Devil'z Nite 2008

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La mixtape qui sort tout les ans pour halloween, regroupant tout les artistes du "wicked underground", regroupement d'artistes horrorcore sur le forum du même nom.

Cette année ça claque sévère !

Ladies and gentlemen.. Sick fucks and wierdos! Freaks of the night! Serial killaz, body hackers, and fans of the Wicked Shit!.. We, the artists of the Wicked Underground present to you....

Devil'z Nite 2K8!!!

The term "Devil'z Nite" originated in the city of Detroit, MI, where on October 30th (the night before Halloween) beginning in the early 70's, a tradition ensued that involved random arson in the city: The burning of random homes, businesses, and establishments throughout the Detroit Metro area. Violence. Pandimonium. All out Mayhem. A night when all the heethens of the dark took flight across the city to make the evil of their presence known.

It comes as no surprise that the birthplace of the "Wicked Shit" was none other than Detroit, MI.... And hence, Devil'z Nite: The night that we, artists of the Wicked Underground from all over the world choose to unleash our hellish flames in the form of ear candy for all to enjoy!

Trick or treaters, heethens, ghouls, ghosts, and goblins from the Netherworld of darkness... Welcome!..To the Sixth Anual...

(Art Credits Top To Bottom: Juan, Crossworm)

Special Thanks:

To all the artists who submitted sick material for this year's Devil'z Nite! To Juan And Crossworm for the excellent artwork... And most of all, to the fans, who make this such a dope time of the year!

And last but not least...

Support the genre, the artists who contribute each year, and the site that has made it all possible for the past 6 years by buying something from Redrum Media!

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